There are 5 levels to turning into wealthy and your alternative is ending. You can start dwelling the life ‘broke you’ at all times dreamed of, with passive revenue rolling in, and your investments on the rise. This will provide you with a robust sense of wealth, freedom & energy.

00:00 Intro
00:57 Time Is Running Out
02:25 The Trap
03:55 Launching
07:31 Gaining Momentum
09:20 High Earth Orbit
12:08 Goat
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25 thoughts on “WARNING: Your OPPORTUNITY To Get Rich NOW is ENDING!”

  1. They want us hungry, weak and poor.. So that they can come up with the "solution".. Fed-coin and an introduction to global-communism. You will own nothing and they everything..

  2. Man
    It is just not gonna work for me
    All i have now is 70,000 IQD
    I don't have a bank account since it requires
    500,000 IQD
    To open one
    How da heck would i be able to ger rich

  3. Hi Mark, big fan. I watch all of Your videos, it helped me a lot with my financial life, and I really appreciate it pray
    I know that I am going to sound like another person on Internet who is asking for something for nothing, but I really have nobody to ask…
    I am doing a YouTube for 4 years, I got a gaming channel with 250subs, and it recently got picked up by YouTube algorithm and start getting some traction.
    But still the growth is super slow… Ofc my content isn't perfect yet ether…
    But I got approached by another fellow Youtuber who has around 60k subs in the same gaming niche as mine and he offered to advertise my latest video on his channel for 1000$. It's alot of money for me. And I am not sure should I accept it or not.
    The downside in my opinion is that I might not gain anything from it and I can just make videos and I will get there myself.
    But the upside would be : growth becomes much faster and I also get a person on my side who can help me with all the obstacles on my YouTube road.
    What do You think is the best way to go forwards? Is he overcharging me? And I feel like he will want to charge me more in the future…

  4. Hi guys, I'm wanting to start investing during this downturn what would be a good investment to start DCA into? Crypto, ETF or some other type of index fund? I'm finding there are too many choices to decide.

  5. in some countries your rocket will never fly as all the chains of the goverment banks and other organizations of curreny laws will make your rocket burn out before it will reach lift off. your company get ditched long before your earned as much as a penny worth of sales. they all conspire against you using time as a excuse to make sure you fail to make you burn all your money even before you get lift off. they just use time to make delays and more delays intil you run out of money. it would be more efficient to rob a bank than to trying to defeat the impossible unfair and corrupt financial system.

  6. With Macy's taking on toys r us and the fact that macy stock is only 19$ each with a 3.4% dividend, what are your thoughts? I think they could maybe be a good choice because of the overturn of roe vs wade if they were to be successful

  7. 9:04 Again. No.
    People don't just lack confidence because potato. It's the result of PRIOR FAILURE and not wanting to get even more screwed than they already are. You are confident because when you took those risks you got positive feedback from it in the form of getting rich. But to give an non-business example, what about the kid without a father who was poor, smelly, and fat? The kid who, whenever he was around that everyone, girls especially, give that…look, those vibes that say that, "nobody here will be comfortable or at peace until you leave this room." Go back in his dirty hand-me-down $1 clearance from Walmart shoes and then see what your confidence is like in your 20s or 30s.
    Confidence is a RESULT of past success. Not a cause.
    Something made worse each year as government encroaches more on our freedoms and our liberty and erodes our opportunities, taxes, inflates and regulates away our wealth, savings, and ability to get out of those traps. In the USA at least, gen X, the generation after the boomers will be the 1st generation in American history that won't be at least as well off as their parents.

    Adding to my previous comment, it is a huge risk. IIRC, something like over 95% small businesses fail…and I'm pretty sure inflation is a big kick in the pants to everyone who isn't govco our their corporate cronies.

  8. This while true will never happen
    Throughout history oppression has never worked look at the Dutch right now revolting successfully against a tyrannical government
    Just wait till bubba out back in the bayou ain't allowed to have his alligator n taters anymore
    That fucker gonna let freedom ring at 3000fps

  9. So Are you saying it’s better to pay rent (someone else’s mortgage) than to pay a mortgage? You need to live somewhere right?

  10. I plan to diversify by using SSO and it comes with afterburners already installed. Now if I can just find the brains and guts to buy at the bottom and hold for 3 or 4 yrs.


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