Was This The Crypto BOTTOM?! Are We Heading LOWER?! πŸ“‰

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0:00 Intro
1:36 The Crypto Bear Market
4:29 Previous Crypto Cycle Lows
8:35 Previous Nasdaq Cycle Lows
10:54 Lows For Mining, On-Chain Indicators
14:08 Technical Analysis Lows
17:07 Institutional Model Lows
20:37 Outro


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23 thoughts on “Was This The Crypto BOTTOM?! Are We Heading LOWER?! πŸ“‰”

  1. I always enjoy your videos Guy! Keep up the great research and work. It’s always a pleasure listening in!

  2. We work for years to have , $1million while some people I know put thousand of dollars in some meme coins and they are millionaires.

  3. Yes, and because everyone is assuming this people will try to front-run which actually means the bottom is already in

  4. The time between BTC lows are:
    11/11-11/13 = 2 years
    01/15-12/17 = 3 years approx
    12/18-11/21 = 4 years approx
    Numerically, after 1 year or approx Oct or Nov 2022 we will hit bottom and the next Bull run should last 5 years approx.


  5. <Nettes Video, bitte, was ist der beste Weg, um KryptowÀhrungsinvestitionen zu starten und gute Gewinne zu erzielen. Ich recherchiere schon seit einiger Zeit persânlich und weiß immer noch nicht, wo ich anfangen soll

  6. 97% of crypto news coverage is negative. That's my signal there are no sellers left and we are at–or very close–to the bottom.

  7. I personally don’t think we will go lower on btc unless we see another major world crisis btc seen it’s bottom at 17,700 dollars it’s now on the up powers that be are keeping it around the 20k mark speculation of course I agree it could go lower .

  8. I'll just keep DCAing until the next halfing. It may go lower it might have bottom either way as long as it will recover and go back up eventually I'll profit eventually if I DCA.


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