We're About to Lose A Huge Part of Crypto…

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Crypto has a giant drawback… Ethereum will quickly cast off miners. But these miners have tens of millions of {dollars} in specialised gear.. There’s an business constructed round this.. Where do they go? What occurs subsequent?

I put a whole analysis report collectively to discover out, and let me inform you.. the reply isn’t so simple as simply mining one thing else.. And this drawback might breed a large alternative for you.

You see, Ethereum is by far essentially the most worthwhile crypto to mine when it comes to GPU and ASIC miners. I’ve seen stats that say as a lot as 90% of all mining income with this kind of miner come from Ethereum

So what’s the large deal? Two phrases: The Merge. Ethereum is preparing to shift over to Proof of Stake that means miners are now not wanted and this business that generates $25 million {dollars} a day in charges will come to a halt…

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25 thoughts on “We're About to Lose A Huge Part of Crypto…”

  1. Do you guys who are profitable have strategies that are very specific in terms of entry and risk-management or do you mainly just stick to gut instinct and cut trades short when they start breaching certain pivots? I was doing my researched and came across this fascinating investor who turned $15,000 into nearly $158,000 within 4 months. Meanwhile, I'm down over 17k, done every thing I could changed my strategy, the timing and I still simply can’t make any gains. I've lost on almost everything I ever bought and I feel like am fucked.

  2. Be intentional about your finances, that's the first step to financial security and Making better investment.I've been stacking the cash by investing. I invested 40k in blue chip stocks and crypt0s in 2020(with the help of my advisor of course) and made about 380k,Took out a 100k and reinvested the remaining. So far I'm up to 600k+ in stocks and Crypto.Been doing the dave ramsey plan and got out of debt 2 years ago. Most of the Crypt0currencies and blue chips stocks are down at the moment and they have never been a better time to invest in them than now. Instead of buying that car or house, make good investments.

  3. Crypto mining? Wtf? How you "mine" shit thats not even real? Also, has anyone tried trading with monopoly money? Seems like the nxt logical step in these scams.

  4. Mining on Eth is a future ???…However, mining companies are BUYING MORE RIGS AND COMPANIES ARE MAKING THEM FOR ETH!!!! The "Merge" is not happening anytime too soon. Eth is stringing us along! If it looks like a duck, and quacks like one…..

  5. Thanks Max, genius as always. Your videos are always in a class of their own.

    As a miner, my thinking is that things will play out something like this. First off, there will be a continual flood of older gen cards due to their inefficiency. Nvidia 1000 series cards and AMD RX 400/500 cards will literally be available for probably $25 or so due to no real demand from anybody and a flood of supply. Don't forget that many miners moved from overseas (like China) where mining was banned, so those cards will be available in the US in bulk. There will continue to be downward pressure on the current latest gen cards as Nvidia/AMD want to clear them off as their next gen is about ready to go, but I would expect there to be a much higher bottom than you'd think especially with the somewhat limited supply during their run.

    Mining will absolutely be "choked to death" and it'll be a long and slow dive as large mining farms will get loans to try and stay afloat while smaller guys shut down and fight for scraps.

    You've definitely done more research than me, but I heard something recently I hadn't considered. There is A LOT of money that's tied up in Ethereum Staking where the funds cannot be removed until the "merge" and I believe that's going to have a HUGE panic sell as soon as it's completed. I wouldn't be surprised to see a quick 10%+ drop cascading into a 20%+ drop. This will cause cascading sell activity across the entire Crypto markets.

    I don't believe we're anywhere close to the end of the "crypto winter" and we may just be starting it. I just read today that the Euro is about even with the dollar which means that the US is in better position than Europe… which is crazy. There's a lot of short/medium storms coming for us in the US. The overinflated price real estate market means that lots of people have bought a house at 2X+ what the "normal" value would be and once values drop there are going to be a whole lotta people way underwater. Maybe it won't be as bad as 2008 without all of the interest-only loans, but there's going to be a lot of financial fear. Combine that with over-inflated car prices which will eventually catch up and send more people underwater and the cost of living has dramatically increased vs salaries.

    Finally, the work-from-home trend is a double-edged-sword that is going to cut people living in expensive areas (like NYC, SF, etc) really hard. Now that companies are fully ready for remote workers, they can begin to offer lower salaries because there are many, many workers all across the US (and eventually spreading into cheaper areas like Mexico/Canada that are in the same time zones) that have much lower costs than those living in places like Silicon Valley.

    The best strategy right now? It's tough to say. Buy Crypto certainly, but be holding cash whenever you can to buy at various big dips. You'll be hearing soon about how "Crypto is Dead" and that'll be a good time to start accumulating the strongest projects.

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  7. Max, could you recommend all the Celsius customer what they can do now since all the funds have been frozen? Do you think we can still lose our investments??

  8. Let me get this strait, everyone is slowly moving away from PoW to PoS because of environmental issues, but then we are looking for alternative methods to destroy our planet.

    Did I miss anything?


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