We're Heading To $0 | Explained

Explaining how crypto and Bitcoin is all headed to $0:
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46 thoughts on “We're Heading To $0 | Explained”

  1. <Lately, it’s been so rough for me trading on my own because I have had so much losses. I use to trade so well using Demo. I think the real market is manipulated. Please, can anyone help me out or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  2. It would be fun if bitcoin can actually go to zero coz bitcoin has no real use infront of other cryptocurrencies

    It should go to zero and might get replaced with another crypto who has a real use case

  3. He said Bitcoin will go to ZERO…and what he really meant was Binance was going to have zero fees? What an awesome click bait title.

  4. the fee on binance is negligible tho, its 0,075% if you pay the fee in BNB 😁 there is also no price spread in crypto

  5. keep <,up the shocking work. You are an absolute asset to the community. Thanks, for all you do! I like your truthful coverage. BTC's price has been fluctuating lately, buying the capitulation isn't a tough call, but it is a very tough call to figure out what to do aside holding. The good thing about the space is that you can buy the dips and put them into active trades, while confidently waiting for a pump in price because it is inevitable. Most people do not understand how the space works. Your advantage is understanding, Charts won’t guarantee what an asset is going to do. Prices will go up or down. Nevertheless, the market has been so profitable despite price ups and down. I've always played safe implementing trades with insights and signals from a renowned trader, Delvin Mateo. I made 11.5 BTC from the recent crash in the market within a period of three weeks,..

  6. 🔥My family has been☝🏻 living Good every since I started dealing with this great man who have been the people Joe he has transform my life. from grass to grace thanks to him I could carry out the responsibility of a mother to my chíldren🌕..

  7. Bitcoin is broken as they’ve already broken it, I don’t think people understand. There all trying to get you to invest in it. They’ve made the mistake of investing in it so they want you to follow there mistakes to bail them all out. It’s over it’s only desperation and late greed in it left

  8. I will forever be in-depted to you Madelyn you've changed my life, I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear, you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment.

  9. The Microsoft Windows paint program has more value than bitcoin, people seriously need to get their head out of their asses. It's just tulip media, but the 2.0 techno douchebag version of it.

  10. I’m happy I bought some Bitcoin on atomic wallet last week, It was a good entry for me.

    Dips are for buying!

  11. Market manipulation has been too much! But I think BTC isn't going back to 0. not ever. Still, for now I'm just considering on investing into different reaises. It's a good thing that I invested on PGEN so that I will be able to access different IDOs and WL events, and join the Ambassador Program as well. That would be a great way to earn profit this year, despite all the market problems we are facing today.

  12. I kept hearing about crypto. I had limited knowledge. I’d ask people about it and they would all say the fabulous block chain technology. That made sense. It was like investing in the future. So I researched block chain technology. I was using the base technology 30 years ago (linking blocks of data). I write software. So, at its core, it is not new technology. I started reading white papers of crypto coins. Most were a bunch of techno mumbo jumbo meant to confuse not meant to promote the token but so you didn’t understand and think it was your lack of knowledge. Then I looked into interest rates they were paying. 12 percent? 20 percent? How do they support it? By making more crypto, diluting value. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are not wrong. Get out now before it goes to zero.

  13. Most people today have been having a lot of failures in forex and crypto because of poor orientation and bad experts.

  14. Andre get out now man I don’t know if you have heard of the acceptance bias buddy you still have time to save you butt

  15. Thanks for the gas tax discount, Slo-Joe. With that and the 16 cents I'm saving on BBQ food this 4th of July, I'll be able to buy that $50,000 EV that will become mandatory in your "second term."

  16. You lost me Andrei when you compared Bitcoin to the unlimited amount of stocks on the securities markets when you could easily have compared it to the 20,000+ crypto-currencies that one has access to by accessing 500+ exchanges, negating the finite resource argument for BTC. Being that it's a POW coin and therefore not subject to the same top down control as fiat currencies, stocks and other cryptos, it is not subject to the same level of state coercion as the others so it has that going for it.

    I want to believe though.

  17. Hello Andrei. If it's possible, can you review a project in the making which is PI Network? I just want to know your insights on that. It's still on its main net stage. It's created by Stanford professors but I don't know how it could impact the crypto world.


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