When Will The Crypto Bear Market End?! BEST Predictions!

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0:00 Intro
1:37 Is Crypto In A Bear Market?
3:54 Crypto Market Cycle
6:23 Stock Market Cycle
9:45 Federal Reserve Cycle
12:28 How High Could Bitcoin Go?
16:05 How High Could Crypto Go?
19:40 Outro


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23 thoughts on “When Will The Crypto Bear Market End?! BEST Predictions!”

  1. You keep saying "very unlikely" to every moderate to best case scenario. But you also kept saying this bull market was far from over right up until it crashed. Your opinion of likelihood is perhaps overly realistic in the bearish context we're examining here. Just my opinion.

  2. If we have a mutli year bear market, how will this affect the BTC price? Will it keep going lower, or just stay more or less constant?

  3. I have just a hard time believing BTC would be a world reserve currency because of how slow it is.. you cant transfer if across the world fast at all nd in a world of speed it loses

  4. When Tether gets crushed like a sub under 5 miles of ocean (which will have a collateral impact on Binance…) Been waiting for this cleanup for YEARS! Then we can start focusing on payments again. Bitcoin is a financial success story, but it won't be "the money of the Internet" because of the volatility caused by its excessive speculation [due to excessive hodling…] Whales can always use btc, but people paying for goods and services need a practical replacement for btc…

  5. I also believe that the next bull market will start around 2024-2025 and I think we’ll see an all time low in the market, sometimes early 2023

  6. The bear Market started in May of 2021 the greater High made in November was a dead cat bounce and only made a higher higher bec of the Ludacris m2 money supply increase


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