Why MAJORITY Of BITCOIN Holders Aren’t Selling!! (MASS LAYOFFS Reversed!)

In this video, we’ll focus on the worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the highest altcoins. We’ll check out the cryptocurrency markets and the newest crypto information.

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4:15 Market Watch
12:48 Charts
25:55 Twitter Buzz
40:52 BTC Hodl
47:44 Jobs Report
53:16 Japan’s Turmoil
59:16 OpenSea Blacklist
1:03:40 The Payback
1:11:21 onXRP Partners with Banxa
1:13:39 Quick Hits/Q&A

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30 thoughts on “Why MAJORITY Of BITCOIN Holders Aren’t Selling!! (MASS LAYOFFS Reversed!)”

  1. Personally I love opposing thoughts to keep everyone making safe decisions. If Bitcoin falls below 3k get that man on the bitsquad! That being said I hope he eats his words, although I respect a man confident enough to speak against the masses! We need more of that fearless mentality in our country.

  2. Yay ben talked about my hometown Hamilton Ontario!

    Back then 2 Years ago Some people think use of self-check up is like working for the stores

    Not anymore, now people use it to get in and get outtt! Lol make sense

  3. Love savvy been following him for about 3 years. Spot on the last year or so. Dead wrong from 7k all the way to 69k. Was tbearish majority of the way up.

  4. "people will find a way"

    Easier to find the way at a wallmart to buy an assault than building a gun from scratch that can fire 2 shots.

    I couldn't press the like button in this video

  5. Savy is the man! I have been following & watching his videos for over a year now. This guy swims against the HOPIUM current. He is not peer pressured by anyone! He is my favorite bear but in the right market he will be my favorite bull. SAVY IS THE MOST REAL CRYPTO GUY. Don’t watch him if you want smoke blown up your booty.

  6. Crypto savy is a great guest to have on I follow him he is prob the most level headed and intelligent person on yt

  7. Having someone more bearish like Savy on the show while in the euphoric stage would actually be very beneficial to viewers.

  8. Many people are still selling BTC. However, I see it as a chance to add to my collection. The same is true for 4PLAY, I'm bagging more of it since, despite the state of the market, it continues to exhibit excellent movement.

  9. i'm not going to sell any btc from my bitfinex portfolio because of its solid fundamentals. there is no second best

  10. If bitcoin doesn't get the "digital gold" stamp, it'll be useless and relegated to the trash heap of worthless crypto. Tell me, other than speculation, what does bitcoin have or do? It was first, but do you still use the first cell phone you ever bought?

  11. Times have changed. Exchanges will freeze before they let it drop down that far. We probably SHOULD'VE already fell that far, but noone could sell, lol. Exchanges literally FORCED people to HODL.

  12. from a canadian yup fk self checkout! im not paid to do your job, it takes jobs away also!! if i am FORCED to use a self check out i make sure i "pay" myself a few bucks for "working"… fk that they gonna lose to shrinkage

  13. Canada has self-checkout, we’ve had it for years in many of our stores, this year our convenient stores have self-checkout as well.

  14. So he's just gonna double down on making fun of realtors huh? Wow, what a doucher. he must have really had a bad experience

  15. Hi Ben and the team, thank you for always making great videos. I am Japanese and I am very sad that Shinzo Abe was killed like this. There is a rumour about something big power is involved in this. Whatever it is, I am so sad that once I was proud that our country used to be told the safest country is now not so safe anymore. And I still don't like guns. Where I live ( New Zealand) is an anti-gun country. This country is also changing however, still safe compared to other countries. Thank you again for the great content and thank you for talking about Shinzo Abe's news. 🙏


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