In tonight’s crypto information wrap-up, Justin of Meta Money takes a have a look at the present happenings within the crypto panorama, together with Ethereum’s latest pump predating the merge to ETH 2.0, Dubai bringing jobs and healthcare to the metaverse, and a prodigal UFC placing her struggle cash in Bitcoin.

0:00 Intro (blue)
0:16 High on ETH (yellow)
1:38 Frank (brown)
2:50 Dubai-verse (Green)
4:00 Beatdown for Bitcoin (pink)

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31 thoughts on “Will Ethereum Reach NEW ALL TIME HIGHS?? (METAVERSE TAKEOVER!!)”

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  2. Here we go again ! for the last few years this channel has been a joke with the pathetic price predictions of ETH 20k!! how many times did you come up with that utter pish in the last year alone . Learn from the past and don't hype stuff up and end up looking like dickwads.

  3. Eth at 1,400 in 2030? These people so called named analyst making dumb predictions. Its crazy why people even bother to listen to these idiot analysts.

  4. One of the things I love about this channel is how deep their bench is. No matter who is doing the videos they're all great although I think we need more content from Justin

  5. what ever bitcoin is … eth is around 10% so that must mean bitcoin isn't going up but to 120k by 2030… give me a break… those guys don't know chit

  6. I'm on the other side I want this relief rally to be just that relief, then get us back to the lows and ride closer to the next halving. This is the chance for us who haven't been here all that long to get more and have the chance for a step up in our financial lives but we will see

  7. 14k by 2030, so only 7-9 X in 6 yrs that's a crappy appreciation for crypto. They don't have a clue ETH will destroy that but if it didn't everybody would be elsewhere. Definitely Pulsechain for 10000X your money for a better layer 1 chain.

  8. I just started crypto. Please any idea on how can I make a profitable investment in crypto without incurring too much loss?


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