Yo Gotti – Crypto (Official Audio)

Yo Gotti – Crypto (Official Audio)

“CM10: Free Game Side B” accessible at:

Yo Gotti on-line:

(C) 2022 CMG / Inevitable II Records

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46 thoughts on “Yo Gotti – Crypto (Official Audio)”

  1. "Nigg** taking pills man made that sh** proceessed, but scared to take a vaccination shot that sh** make no sense"

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  3. When we had those 900 gang bang phone lines that we all called up acting a fool. lolol. How many people were tapped??? hahahha

  4. I think about if the story is true,
    about the sales illegal of snow Whitey innthe streets of so many fxxd up dead or zombie glued.
    I think about how it's funny to talk about the Ricky 8th, of michigan state,
    while selling legalized hit pieces of chronic weeds still feedin' feds,
    sleepin' in their couches n beds,
    still eatin' bait.
    33 years later still the mainstream's media great.
    Rockin' Kid Mentor Culture Poppin',
    still a D.A.R.E. problem,
    when still in emergency medical order made.
    No to Hell.
    Hell No.
    I won't Facts'N'Hate.
    I like YG cuz the tracks he made got a real philosopher fate.
    What up? I'm Chris, Detroit's Late.


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